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6 years of English lessons – now what?!

Oh my God! You sat through years of reading the most ludicrous texts, singing the most ridiculous songs, parrot-fashion learning the most otiose vocabulary, and mastering the most venturous grammatical structures – but why all this fuss? We the project team “Englisch: Tor zur Welt”, from the P-Seminar “Englisch 4.0” are here to help! We want to show you some of the endless possibilities you have with the English you acquired. We, for example, will teach you about visiting another country. We even prepared a check list for all the must-haves. And you should definitely give our podcast a going over…

Unlock the world

If you’re new, you might be wondering how we know you so well. We simply conducted a poll! You might enjoy scrolling through the final results, some of the answers given were pretty hilarious…


We hope we caught your eye! Please also have a look at all the other fun projects of our P-Seminar, “Englisch 4.0”.